Q- Someone walking the neighborhood knocked on my door and told me that I had storm damage and that they could get me a new roof. Should I be weary of this?

A - This is a very common question we get from home owners.  Yes, there are companies that go door to door to solicit business, but be very careful.  If you allow someone to get on your roof to inspect it, and they advise that you have sufficient damage for replacement by your insurance provider, you should have them show you pictures explaining in detail the damage and its cause.  Get a second opinion on the damage before filing a claim!! This is very important!!  Contrary to popular belief, if you file a claim with your insurance provider and no monies are paid out IT STILL SHOWS AS A CLAIM!!!  This can cause your rates to increase, and in some cases your provider will drop your coverage.


Q- How long will it take your crew to replace my roof?

A- The time it takes for replacement varies due to a number a contributing factors.  The size of the roof and the overall pitch or steepness being the most prominent.  Typically we can complete a roof in a single day, but we always give ourselves two days to complete the project.